NCIS opened with the investigative team looking into the shooting death of Marine Sergeant Michael Dawson during an armed robbery. Gibbs (Mark Harmon), however, is called away from the case to deal with the news that his father Jackson Gibbs (Ralph Waite) is in custody with the Howard County Police Department.

When Gibbs leaves, Tony (Michael Weatherly) and McGee (Sean Murray) begin to deliberate on what landed Gibbs Sr. in trouble with the law. Tony suggests that he either got busted for buying an exotic pet or soliciting a prostitute. The two then start to bicker about yogurt and Tony’s mocking sense of humor. Ending the chatter, Tony dumps a bunch of files on McGee’s desk pertaining to the Marine’s murder.

Tony’s predictions concerning Jackson Gibbs were way off. In truth, he had been taken into custody after hitting a parked car due to his poor vision. Jackson tells his son that he wanted to see his old war pal Walter Beck who lives in North Carolina. The two men once flew together in a fighter jet and had a close bond. Now Beck is dying, so Jackson asks Gibbs to take him to his home.

Gibbs calls back to NCIS HQ to get an update on the team’s progress. McGee shares with Gibbs that he devised an algorithm that shows clear similarities between the robbery that resulted in Dawson’s death and other nearby cases. Gibbs is duly impressed with his work and informs him the he – not Tony – will have point on the case.

Meanwhile, Gibbs takes Jackson to a diner to get some food before completing the trip to North Carolina. Jackson, whose life was saved by Beck during the war, shows Gibbs a note from Beck that detailed how little time he had left to live. Trying to suppress the reality of his father’s mortality, Gibbs ultimately continues the drive Beck’s house. Once they get there, Jackson’s comrade isn’t there.

Continuing to work the Dawson case, Tony and McGee interview his mother. From her they learn that a) Dawson had not been in touch with her recently and b) the only time he didn’t contact her was when he was running a mission. Unfortunately for McGee, his algorithm led them in the wrong direction. Dawson’s death was likely not the result of a robbery, but the result of a calculated “hit.” In addition to working as a mechanic for the marines, Dawson was a part of the Defense of Clandestine Service, working on an operation involving a terror cell.

Learning that the DCS might be hiding information concerning Dawson’s death, Gibbs is tempted to return. Jackson fights his son on it, wanting to go home after finding out that Beck had just been rushed to the hospital, but Gibbs ultimately goes to the diner to meet with Tony and McGee. He tells them to get the report from the DCS. McGee tells Gibbs that he’s researched William Beck and that no one under that name served in Jackson’s squadron. When Gibbs confronts his dad on the matter, Jackson informs him that Beck fought with the Germans.

After checking out the DCS report, the NCIS team finds that there’s no discernible reason why they’d want Dawson dead. In fact, Dawson had helped foil two terrorist attacks by breaking codes. With the DCS no longer suspected, NCIS turns back to Dawson’s phone records and go in search of the last person he’d been speaking with – Aaron Connelly.

When they arrive at Connelly’s, the guy attacks McGee. Once he calms down, he reveals that Dawson had been his sponsor. He’d paid Dawson a visit the other day after relapsing, and Dawson decided to take the matter into his own hands and confront the dealer. The dealer is also the owner of the clothing store that had the robbery, which had apparently caused Dawson’s murder. Needless to say, he ends up in handcuffs.

As for Beck, Abby figures out that he was taken to Blue Sky Hospice, so Gibbs brings Jackson so say goodbye to his friend. Jackson thanks Beck for saving his life and giving him the chance to have his son, who he’s infinitely proud of.

NCIS airs Tuesdays on CBS at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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