NCIS concluded its tenth season on Tuesday, and left it open as to whether or not Ziva David will be returning for the show’s eleventh season. Cote de Pablo has played Ziva David for the last eight years of the show’s impressive run, but has yet to sign a new contract.

De Pablo, after declining to sign the contract prior to the writing and filming of NCIS’s finale yesterday, forced the writers to make her final scenes ambiguous. Those who were expecting a resolution for Ziva and Tony (Michael Weatherly) were in for a disappointment last night.

Instead, the crime-busting partners continued to emphatically address their friendship. In a moment of solidarity, Tony, Ziva and McGee (Sean Murray) all resigned from the agency. During the finale’s closing minutes it flashes forward four months and shows Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) shooting his rifle in the direction of Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano). What does the time jump mean for Tony and Ziva? It could mean a couple of different things.

Hopeful shippers of the pair see the potential for romance to bloom between the coworkers while they're off the job; by the time the show returns for the 11th season, they could be a full-blown couple. However, since Pablo’s contract is still unsigned, it also leaves room for a story to explain her disappearance from the CBS crime drama.

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