In what many see as a wildly unpredictable presidency, the National Enquirer may be a spotlight on where the White House will go next. The National Enquirer is a supermarket tabloid magazine that has, in the past, been accused of stretching the truth. As explained by Rachel Maddow, President Donald Trump not only reads the National Enquirer, but he is also a booster of it and friends with the CEO of its parent company, David Pecker.

In the past Trump has cited the National Enquirer as a source from which he gets information from. During the primaries of the 2016 election, Trump quoted the tabloid magazine’s claim that Ted Cruz’s father was somehow involved with Lee Harvey Oswald, the shooter charged with assassinating President Kennedy.

Due to Trump’s relationship with the National Enquirer one could actually decode where the White House is going to go next by reading the tabloid magazine’s headlines. For instance, the National Enquirer gave a “world exclusive” about Michael Flynn being the White House spy before it was news. An “administration source” told the Enquirer that Flynn was the Russian spy in the White House and praised Trump for rooting him out. The source then went on to say that the Flynn spy drama will “overshadow” the investigations about the Trump campaign’s own alleged ties with Putin.

Their latest headlines report that President Trump and his cabinet have come up with a nine-point plan capable of achieving world peace. The magazine claims to have access to the “top secret document” that will change the world. If this report was leaked by an administrative source as with the Flynn news, one could expect to hear about Trump’s groundbreaking foreign policy for world peace once the fervor surrounding Comey’s firing settles down.


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