Today is National Cat Day and if you weren’t lucky enough to avail of Uber‘s promise to deliver a batch of fluffy felines straight to your door for your enjoyment, never fear.

Hollywood’s Biggest Cat lovers

Here’s some of Hollywood’s biggest cat-lovers posing with their beloved pets for you to enjoy.


Probably the most vocal celebrity supporter of cat-cuteness is Taylor Swift, who shares many of Scottish Folds, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson’s escapades with her 52 million Instagram followers.


Taylor and Katy Perry may be ultimate frenemies but they do share a common passion for all things cat related. Katy never goes anywhere without her devoted feline sidekick, Ms. Kitty Purry.

Kirsten Dunst is another celeb who is firmly Team Cats. Here she is posing with a particularly grumpy, red-eyed persian.

Here Criminal Minds star, Matthew Gray Gubler cradles a minuscule feline friend.

I spy, with my little cat eye, a creeper kitty,oh my! #ISeeYou ?

A photo posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

This wide-eyed little guy belongs to none other than The Vampire Diaries actress, Nina Dobrev.

Paris Fashion Week

A photo posted by Amanda Seyfried (@mingey) on

Amanda’s Seyfried‘s Instagram is full of cute little gems like this one.

This is one happy kitty ??

A photo posted by Kesha (@iiswhoiis) on

Ke$ha shows her love for cats in many ways, including licking handbags with their faces on them.


Supermodel Gigi Hadid, like bestie Taylor, also has a major soft spot for the fluffy animals.


And finally a picture of Glee star, Chris Colfer with his beloved cat Brian draped over his shoulders.


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