Natalie Wood’s daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner has created a new fragrance that honors her mother with her preferred scent of gardenia.

Natalie Wood’s Daughter’s Fragrance

“My mother always wore Jungle Gardenia,” Wagner told People magazine. “After Barbara Stanwyck gifted my mother a bottle of Jungle Gardenia while filming The Bride Wore Boots, she wore the fragrance the rest of her life, gifting it to friends and family whenever they complimented her. My sister [Courtney Wagner] and I always knew when our mom was home because we could smell her.”

“My younger sister [Courtney] and I have always spoken about her smell,” Wagner added. “It was something that was so comforting and nurturing for us. So we thought, why not create a fragrance with a modern twist? One that was a tribute to her.”

Wagner also opens up about what Wood was like a mother in this week’s issue of People. She’s been inspired to talk more openly about her late mother’s private life to help keep her legacy alive in the hearts and minds of those who were not yet born when she was a star of the silver street.

“I want not just for my daughter but also for generations to come, to know my mom’s legacy and her work and her beauty, and what she was like as a mom,” Wagner said.

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