Natalie Dormer gave a preview of what Game of Thrones fans can expect for her character Margaery Tyrell when the show returns in April.

Natalie Dormer’s ‘GOT’ Spoilers

When Game of Thrones‘ fifth season ended, Margaery was behind bars. The High Sparrow had her imprisoned after determining that she had lied about her brother Loras having with Olyvar during his holy inquest. Despite Tommen’s pleas with Cersei and threats of starting a war, and Olenna’s efforts to make a deal with Littlefinger, behind bars is where Margaery remains.

“In Season 6 — when we finally get there at the end of April — what you see with Margaery is that the reigns have been taken away from her,” Dormer told Radio Times. “So it’s like she’s not in charge of her destiny any more. And if she’s not in charge of her destiny how does she reclaim that power you see her wield for the first few years?”

Since first appearing on Game of Thrones as Margaery Tyrell, Dormer has had to channel a person immensely secure in her place in the world, and confident in her talents in keeping herself there. Now that she’s lost that place and the confidence, Dormer finds her a more exciting character to play.

“I’ve had the gift of playing women who seem to be quite in control in recent years, whether it’s Cressida [from Hunger Games] or Anne Boleyn [in The Tudors],” Dormer explained. “And it’s very liberating to play someone who’s losing their s–t.”

Dormer also pointed out that it’s not just Margaery who is in jeopardy among the Tyrell’s. Loras Tyrell is imprisoned and has an uncertain fate. And, Olenna Tyrell, Margaery’s grandmother, is alone and vulnerable.

“To see the Tyrells in that kind of jeopardy, to see them incarcerated like that and how they deal with that, I do think it’s a very interesting arc for them this season,” Dormer said. “It really shakes it up, King’s Landing has been completely shaken up this season.”

Game of Thrones‘ sixth season will premiere on HBO April 24.