Natalie Anderson, 28, was declared the winner of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur on Wednesday night’s finale.

Survivor Finale Recap

The finale, which consisted of three challenges and three Tribal Councils, narrowed down the final five contestants to a final three. Natalie, Keith Nale, Jaclyn Schultz and mother-daughter duo Missy Payne and Baylor Wilson were the final five in the competition. After Keith won the first immunity challenge, Natalie shocked the jury members and the contestants by playing her hidden immunity idol for Jaclyn at the first Tribal Council of the night, sending Baylor packing.

Natalie then continued her winning streak by manipulating the women to vote Keith out of the final three, leaving Natalie, Missy and Jaclyn competing for the $1 million prize.


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Finally, Missy, Natalie and Jaclyn were left in the final three, competing for jury votes to determine who would be the ‘Sole Surivovr.’ In opening statements, Missy tried to sway the council by saying that loyalty was her main game throughout the season, and that her commitment should be rewarded.

Missy campaigned hard, but, when the jury got to question the final three, she was humiliated when Reed Kelly lashed out at her, calling her the ‘Evil Stepmother’ of the tribe.

Natalie Is The Sole Survivor

Meanwhile, Jeremy Collins congratulated all three finalists and implored his fellow jury members to vote for the person who played the best game, not the person they hate the least. His vote, he announced, would be for Natalie. In the end, Jeremy was right, and Natalie was declared the winner.

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