NASA has released a series of new recruitment posters that promotes future positions to be filled if you get to Mars.

NASA Unveils New Recruitment Posters For Trip To Mars

The space agency’s “Journey to Mars” campaign posters were first commissioned in 2009 for an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors complex — to show kids that anyone can make it to space one day.

The recruitment posters feature bright colors, hard-working astronauts and an advertisement for teachers, surveyors, and even farmers.

NASA is reportedly examining ways to feed people on long space missions. Astronauts on the International Space Station spent much of the past year experimenting with growing (and eating) lettuce in space, and after producing successfully grown flowering plants they’ll likely move on to more delicate crops such as tomatoes.

The space agency has started creating these posters to help people imagine what a future in space may look like. Earlier this year, NASA released a set of prints promoting space tourism — highlighting the exotic places and fun that can be had for tourists in space.

NASA released its three-step “Journey to Mars” plan to colonize the Red Planet in 2015, but doesn’t envision having people living and working in colonies until 2030.

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