Matthew Thomas Mglej, 25, was arrested on Friday for playing the violin completely naked in front of a Portland federal courthouse.

Mglej was issued warnings by several police officers before he was finally arrested said Sgt. Pete Simpson, spokesman of the Portland Police. The police also received a number of complaints about the man, who has been spotted playing violin nude before. According to the press release, “multiple officers, a sergeant and a lieutenant” approached Mglej and informed him of his crime, warning him that he would be arrested if he continued. Finally, Mglej refused to walk to the police car after being arrested, forcing officers to carry him to the car.

Mglej was charged with indecent exposure, and police are saying that they are unsure whether ‘Mglej’ is the man’s real name.

According to Instagram user ‘thetopherreaves’, who posted a photo of the naked man, Mglej was “protesting government tyranny."

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