Hungarian journalist Petra Laszlo has been fired for tripping Syrian migrants as they fled from the police.


On Tuesday, Laszlo, a Hungarian TV journalist and camerawoman for N1TV, was fired after being caught on film tripping Syrian migrants who were fleeing police on the border of Hungary and Serbia.

The video shows Laszlo deliberately tripping a man carrying a young boy. She later kicks a woman in an attempt to fell her as well, but is unsuccessful.

N1TV, also known as Nemzeti TV, fired Laszlo immediately for her unprofessional conduct. “An employee of N1TV today showed unacceptable behavior at the Roszke collection point,” read a statement from the network. “We have terminated the contract of the camerawoman with immediate effect today.”

As Syrians continue to flee their country, Hungary’s right-wing government is not happy with the flow of migrants passing through, claiming they are a threat to Europe and Christian values.

“I think we have a right to decide that we do not want a large number of Muslim people in our country,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told journalists in Brussels. He then went on to address the migrants directly: “Please don’t come… It’s risky to come. We can’t guarantee that you will be accepted.”

If Laszlo’s actions are indicative of this attitude, it will be difficult for Syrians to continue crossing Hungarian borders without resistance from the government.

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