After at least six Americans have died under mysterious circumstances in the Dominican Republic, many people are rethinking their vacation plans. Over the past year, six known people have passed away after visiting resorts and hotels in the Dominican Republic, many of their causes of death still under investigation.

Although each of the deaths have not yet been said to be connected, it is to be noted that all the deaths have taken place at hotels or resorts, Bahia Principe and Hard Rock Casinos, and usually involved some sort of alcoholic beverage.

Miranda Schaup-Werner from Pennsylvania died suddenly after her arrival to a Bahia Principe resort with her husband. After having a drink from the minibar in her hotel room, she died unexpectedly. She passed from respiratory failure. Less than a week later, at another Bahia Principe resort, a couple from Maryland died in their room of the same causes.

These incidents are not the only ones. Californian Robert Wallace was visiting the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino when he was found dead after a drink from the mini bar. His cause of death has yet to be identified and his family members are still awaiting answers.

Many Americans have shared their fears and concerns about traveling to the Dominican Republic, and some have even cancelled upcoming trips. The investigations into these mysterious deaths are still ongoing and the FBI has now become involved.