In a strange turn of events, MyPillow’s creator Mike Lindell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night.

The segment began as Jimmy Kimmel asked the Trump-supporting entrepreneur if he received a COVID-19 vaccine, in which Lindell replied, that he “will not be vaccinated.”

“A lot of people didn’t want you to come on the show. Liberals and conservatives, everybody told me don’t have you on the show, and they told you don’t go on the show. But I think it’s important that we talk to each other,” Kimmel said. “You know I don’t think there’s any validity to any of this stuff that you’re saying. And I’ve studied you, I really have.”

Kimmel then went on to highlight the website Frank, created by Lindell as a Twitter replacement with a days-long live-stream feature. “I laugh at a lot of the stuff, but a lot of people don’t laugh because a lot of these ideas that you espouse,” Kimmel said. “I think you could potentially draw a line between those and the riot we had at the Capitol where people were killed.”

Lindell, a strong conspiracy theorist who believed that the 2020 election was rigged by the Dominion Voting Systems, replied, “This was something different. This was the machines, this was an attack through the machines. You’ve seen it. And what I’ve been saying to everyone, this isn’t a Democratic or Republican thing, for me, putting it out there… If someone was out there saying my pillows have rocks and knives in it, I would say, ‘Hey, come and look at the beautiful patented fill.’ And I would say, ‘Show me the rocks and knives.’ But Dominion didn’t do that, they’re just suing people.”

“Well, you’re saying they have ‘rocks and knives’ in their voting machines, and they’re saying they don’t,” Kimmel said.

“Do you ever think it’s weird, just objectively looking at yourself and going, ‘Why is it that the only person in the country who has this evidence is they guy who sells pillows on cable,” Kimmel said. “I worry about you. I feel like you are maybe self-destructive. You have lost everything, repeatedly, so many times in your life. I feel like you’re going to be out dressed as Spider-Man on Hollywood Boulevard at the end of this whole thing.”

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