Alexandria Duval, the surviving twin in the fatal Hawaii car wreck, has been released from custody after a judge determined that there was insufficient evidence to support the charge that she had murdered her late sister.

Alexandria Duval Charges Dismissed

Judge Blaine Kobayashi ruled Wednesday that Alexandria Duval’s second degree murder charge in the death of her twin sister Anastasia Duval be dismissed, reported Maui Now. Kobayashi also ruled that she be discharged from prison.

“This was a tragic accident. It was not a homicide,” defense attorney Todd Eddins told the outlet. “It was not a crime. This judge understood the evidence and we’re just grateful that he got it.”

Eddins said that Alexandria has “been in shock” since the accident, adding of the judge’s ruling, “She’s still trying to process what transpired here now. She’s obviously elated.”

Last week, Alexandria and Anastasia were involved in an accident in the Pu’uiki area of East Maui. They were traveling in a white SUV that plunged 200 feet off of a cliff. Alexandria had been driving, while Anastasia was in the passenger seat. The sisters, who had operated yoga studios together and who were currently in dire financial straights, were said to be arguing ahead of the crash, according to witness testimony.

“I saw a pair of hands jerking the head, pulling the hair [of the driver],” witness Lawrence Lau told KHON2. “There were hands pulling her head down like this, and her head was jerking.”

Anastasia was pronounced dead at the scene. Alexandria was airlifted to a local hospital in critical condition.

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