In the aftermath of Teen Wolf character Allison Argent’s death during Tuesday night’s episode, MTV launched a memorial website where fans could mourn her loss.

Teen Wolf Memorial

When one arrives at, he or she is met with a spoiler alert, which reads, “WARNING, behind this page you will be able to mourn the death of one of the main characters on Teen Wolf. Do not click through if you have not seen Monday night's episode. If you've seen the episode, please click below to pay your respects.”

After the click, an image appears of Allison's gravestone with the Argent’s code, “Nous protegeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se proteger eux memes,” which translates to “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Below the grave (the website background is literally worm-infested dirt), are videos, including Allison’s final scene and reactions from the cast.

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Fans are invited to pay their own respects for the character played by Crystal Reed in the comments section.

– Chelsea Regan

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