The new Royole-X is being hailed as the world’s “first foldable smart mobile theater” — and it’s going to change the way you Netflix and chill. The audio and video headset, which utilizes a 0.01 mm thick AMOLED display embedded in its visor, looks like something out of a science fiction novel but promises an immersive theatrical experience like no other.

New Royole-X Virtual Mobile Theater

The Royole-X Virtual Mobile Theater is more than just a headset. It’s a wearable experience that will follow you wherever you go. Royole Corporation, founded in 2012, stressed that the Royole-X is an audio and visual station for all of your movie, music and gaming needs. The company is known for its unprecedented display technologies and electronic products.

The Royole-X has five video input connections: HDMI, wireless streaming, Wi-Fi sharing, USB OTG, and a 16GB internal storage. You can hook it up to your computer, smartphone and game console. The product’s resolution display has a pixel density of 3300 ppi. That’s ten times higher than your smartphone display. With high contrast ratio > 10000:1, wide color gamut, a micro-second level response speed and a 24-bit RGB color mode combine to create a sharp and stunning visual experience. And its noise-cancelling headphones achieve a noise reduction rating of up to 22dB and an audio fidelity with less than 1% sound distortion.

There’s even a touch wheel control on the ear cup for users to control the alternate reality they are immersed in. While the Royole-X’s foam padding around the eyes allows for a comfortable fit and longer viewing/listening experience, the entire set is still bulky. Unfortunately (and ironically), the Royole-X is not compatible with glasses, but you can control the focus and interpupillary distance using the dials underneath the headset.


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