Shortly before Apple announced the AirPods, it’s own experiment with truly wireless headphones, the floodgates had already opened for many companies to try their hand at upgrading the headphone wearing experience. Motorola’s VerveOnes+ wireless earbuds is just a beginning in a renewed release of wireless products, but offers some disappointing connectivity problems.

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Consisting of stylish yet bulky black-and-orange earbuds with a portable charger, the VerveOnes+ offers customizable settings via the Hubble Connect companion app for iOS and Android. Through the app you can control playback, EQ settings (profiles include: Bass, Brilliant, Balance, Rhythm, Live and Moto Sound), and access Google Now or Siri. Motorola claims this is delivered in “Deep, rich, HD sound.” Usefully, and part of the discussions when it comes to wireless buds, the app can also locate that last place the buds were synced, should they fall from your ears. If they happen to fall in a wet place, you are in luck: the VerveOnes+ are waterproof. Some additional features that play on the wireless nature of the buds include Ear Detect, which turns the buds on or off when they are in your ear, and Pass-Through, which uses the dual mics to let in sounds for around you for enhanced—but not totally safe—environmental awareness.

Battery life is decent, with up to 12 hours of playback and supposed standby in the charger of a couple of days. But the VerveOnes+, like most newer wireless tech, suffer from bud-syncing problems and a tendency to drop connection, according to a recent engadget review. Regardless, those who have the budget to experiment with what will likely be soon a huge market for wireless headphones should give the VerveOnes+ a listen.


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