With smartphones quickly becoming a needed device for most of our day-to-day interactions, phone brands have quickly expanded the capabilities and price ranges of the now-necessary pocket computer. With the quintessential iPhone now in a sea of similar, yet varied products, each brand vies for a unique way into consumer life. The Moto Z Play is offering magnetic accessories. Oh, and a battery that last four days without a charge.


A unique feature of Motorola’s latest phone is its ability to use Moto Mods. Attachable to the phone by magnetic bumps on its rear casing, the snappable, swappable accessories do much more than serve as customizable covers, although they do that, too! Mota Mods can serve as an extra battery, some speakers, a movie projector and even a classic point-and-shoot camera that actually functions like one. All you have to do is snap and go.

Moto Mods

As far as smartphones go, it’s a regular Android Marshamallow device. Meaning, the 5.5 inch display and 1080p resolution won’t wow you—neither will the Snapdragon processor—but it gets the job done with minimal gaps in performance. The 16MP camera also snaps decent photos for the amateur photographer, but don’t expect Galaxy-level quality. The key upgrade of the Moto Z Play’s performance lies in its battery life. The phone can last 23 hours on airplane mode and a quick turbo charge can regain 56 percent of its battery life in just under an hour.


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There’s also the price tag, set at a more affordable than it’s higher-end competitors. Coupled with the Moto Mods, the Moto Z Play is a fun and functional way to satisfy your smartphone needs.

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