Morgana McNelis and Charlie Hunnam have been an item for the better part of a decade, meaning she knows the difficulties that come along with dating an actor – including their onscreen dalliances.

Now that Hunnam has been cast as Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of E.L. James’ “mommy porn” trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey. Dakota Johnson, daughter of divorced Hollywood couple Melanie Griffith and Don Jonson, will play opposite Hunnam as Anastasia Steele in the sex-filled flick.

McNelis, who works outside of the film industry as a jewelry designer, must know that watching her boyfriend get intimate onscreen with other women comes with the territory of dating an actor – but that doesn’t mean it makes it any easier. Even Hunnam admits that begin with him forces McNeil to “share” more than she might like.

“Of course, it’s difficult being with an actor, you know?” Hunnam told Hollywoodlife.”She is required to share certain parts of me with the world that she wouldn’t necessarily choose to do, but we have a great relationship and she loves me and wants to be with me and we’ve been together a long time now, and I think she understands and has come to terms with the fact that there are certain elements of me that she is going to have to share.”This is an extreme example of that, but thankfully we do have 7.5 years of history together, so it won’t be a big problem.”

McNelis and Hunnam have yet to get engaged, but the actor has previously alluded to the fact that a proposal might not be far off – and he might not be the one getting down on one knee. “[Morgana] told me she was making me a diamond encrusted ring, “ he joked to Elle in the past. “And I was like ‘Uh-oh.’ This is not going to go well for me. But I love it. It’s so discrete and beautiful.”

– Chelsea Regan

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