Morgan Geyser, the Wisconsin girl charged with the “Slender Man” case, has requested to live with the grandparents until the trial to avoid spending more time in a juvenile jail where she has allegedly suffered assaults. However, the judge has refused to lower her bail, making this impossible.

Geyser, 13, and Anisa Weier, 14, have been held at Washington County’s secure juvenile detention center since they were arrested in May 2014, only released to stay at a state mental hospital. They are being held for their attack on their friend as a sacrifice to “Slender Man,” a fictional character, in order to earn a place in the character’s mansion and to prove the existence of this popular internet figure. They lured Payton Leutner into the woods after a sleepover and stabbed her. After they left her for dead, they began walking to a forest 300 miles away where they believed “Slender Man” lived. They were arrested on the side of the highway. Leutner had crawled to the street where she was found by a biker. She had been stabbed 190-times, with one stab narrowly missing a major heart artery. After extensive surgery, she made a “miraculous” recovery and returned to school three months later.

They had been charged as adults with attempted first degree intentional homicide, but are awaiting a decision for their appeals to be transferred to juvenile court. Both had asked to reduce their $500,000 bails and to be transferred out of Washington County’s detention center (as it is a facility only meant to house children for a few days at a time).

Geyser has been diagnosed with early onset schizophrenia. After several weeks earlier this year in a mental hospital, she has stabilized. Geyser requested that she live with her grandparents without access to internet or weapons. It was promised that even kitchen knives would be kept in a safe. There were also extensive psychological reports that were filed with the letter from her attorney which were ordered sealed by Judge Michael Bohren.

Weier’s attorneys also asked for a reduced bail so that she could live with family members. She would be under 24 hour adult supervision and electronic monitoring. In previous court hearings Weier has been designated to be at low risk for repeating violent behavior and a good candidate for successful treatment in talk therapy.

Bohren rejected a similar request just last year which requested that Geyser moved to a girls residential treatment center.

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