Moocow was sitting peacefully on Kevin Curtis' lap in his house in Corinth, Miss., last Wednesday, before federal agents swarmed his house and took him into custody as a suspect in the ricin-filled envelope investigation.

After authorities found that there was no physical evidence tying Curtis to the crime and released the Elvis impersonator from custody, Curtis gave a candid interview about his current concerns. First and foremost was Moocow – his trusty dog. Before he got around to talking about his kids, all Curtis could talk about was his dog. "What are you plans now?" a reporter asked, to which Curtis frankly replied, "Find my dog Moocow. I'm just really worried about her."

Apparently, Moocow became startled when the federal agents stormed the property and ran off, leaving Curtis to believe that she was lost. He also mentioned that he had "bought a fish a week before." It was around that point in his pet-heavy monologue that he was cut off, and it was revealed to him that Moocow had indeed been recovered. "My brother's found Moocow!" he joyously exclaimed.

When he got around to mentioning his children, Curtis revealed that it had been a week since he'd seen them and looked forward to being reuinited. He also said that his 16-year-old was getting his first car, before adding how when his son was 9, he had missed him performing as a bumblebee onstage because he was in jail. For everyone's information, he's landed himself behind bars a total of 20 times. But, he proudly stated that he's never been convicted of anything…. "so far."

Showing gratitude to the lawyer who got him off this time, Christi R. McCoy, Curtis stated that she was worth more than he could pay her. After claiming that he's an expert in reflexology and that he couldn't pay the "million that [McCoy's] worth," he offered to begin paying her back with foot massages. He then went on to offer 1,000 hours of community service in the form of foot massages to the local women.

When a reporter asked Curtis if he could think of an Elvis song that fit this situation, he answered, "Uh, 'Jailhouse Rock'?" to the laughter of those present during the interview. He also offered insight on how the ricin-related arrest has changed him. "I have contempt for rice," he quipped. "Anything that sounds like rice… even mice!"

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