Heidi Montag‘s mom, Darlene Egelhoff, is speaking out about the what she describes as the "loss" of her daughter after undergoing 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day earlier this year. “I haven’t slept in months," Darlene says on Tuesday’s episode of The Hills. "I had to go get a prescription for sleeping pills just to be able to go to sleep at night to the point that I didn’t even know how I would even make it another day. I’ve been mourning the loss of a child and, yeah, it hurts. It hurts more than I thought it could hurt.”

Montag even called the cops on her mom when she showed up unannounced at her house recently. The reality star blames her mom for blasting her decision to undergo plastic surgery on national TV.


  • algree03
    algree03 on

    How could her mom not say something? Heidi literally looks like a Barbie doll- and that's not a compliment. I would have told her the exact thing about her "new face" whether on t.v or off.

  • ngarun
    ngarun on

    A blatant case of bad parenting — you're her mom it's your job to be part of such drastic life decisions such as altering your body and face!

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