Monopoly tokens will no longer include the iron, as avid players have voted to replace it with a pewter cat.

The cat token will be the second pet on the Monopoly board, joining Scottie the dog. It won over a handful of other proposals, including a toy robot, a guitar, a diamond ring and a helicopter. The piece will be making its debut in the “Golden TokenMonopoly game to be released this month and sold exclusively by Target. In the limited-edition game, all of the current and proposed tokens will appear in gold. When the new regular edition comes out this summer, only the cat will remain.

Monopoly enthusiasts are quite excited about the feline addition to their board game. "It's going to be unforgettable the first time you're playing a game and the dog and the cat land on the same space," Monopoly expert Philip Orbanes told USA Today. "It's probably a lot more appealing to have that possibility than to have the iron and the shoe together.''

He continued to suggest that people will choose the cat, "just for the sake of saying, 'I'm going after the dog.' There's always someone who wants the Scottie in the game, and the rivalry sensation is going to be irresistible."

Out of the old pieces, it was Scottie the dog who came out on top with 29% of the vote, followed by the car at a distant second 14%. The cat beat out the toy robot proposal in a much closer battle, 31% to 27%.

No word yet on the name of Scottie’s pet pal.

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