Actress Mo’Nique has opened up about an argument with Oprah Winfrey over a 2010 episode on her talk show that involved her estranged family members.

After her Oscar win that year, Winfrey told Mo’Nique that her brother wanted to be on the show to “let her know how parents can watch out for predators,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Mo’Nique’s brother had previously admitted to molesting her when she was seven and he was 13.

Mo’Nique said it was fine for her brother to make an appearance, but she was “horrified” to see her parents and another brother, who largely ignored the abuse, on the show.

Before the episode aired, she tried to get ahold of Winfrey to say that she wasn’t on speaking terms with her mother and that her family was only there for the money. She reached out to several people but could never get in contact with Winfrey.


During a party in honor of Lupita Nyong’o‘s Oscar nomination in 2014, Mo’Nique approached Winfrey and asked her why her family was on the show. The talk show host allegedly replied that she had only invited her brother, but the rest of the family showed up with him. That wasn’t enough for Mo’Nique, who “still demands and expects public apologies from Winfrey.”

The comedian had previously accused Winfrey, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry of “blackballing” her from the industry when she refused to promote her film, Precious, at the Cannes Film Festival for free. This apparently made many label her as “difficult” and “hard to work with.”

When she won the Academy Award for Precious, Mo’Nique didn’t thank Daniels during her acceptance speech. This caused a 13-year feud, but they have since made up and are working together on the new Netflix horror film The Deliverance.

Mo’Nique says she still has not received apologies from Winfrey or Perry.

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