Mo’ne Davis, 13, made history Friday night as the first female pitcher to throw a shutout game in the Little League World Series.

Mo'ne Davis Pitches Shutout

Davis has been grabbing headlines since July, when her Philadelphia team, the Taney Dragons, earned their spot in the national championships. Davis is one of two girls playing in this year’s Little League World Series, but it’s her 70-mph fastball that sets her apart from the rest.

On Friday Davis became the first girl to pitch a shutout in the Little League World Series, helping the Taney Dragons earn a 4-0 victory over a team from Nashville. Throughout the game, Davis gave up only two hits, striking out eight batters in the process. After the game, Davis responded to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s hope that she make it to the MLB, telling reporters, “It’s very crazy. I didn’t even expect that.… If I do stay in to baseball, hopefully I can pitch, be a professional pitcher.”

While Davis did not pitch during their Sunday night match against Pearland, Tex., she did become the sixth girl to get a hit in the Little Leage World Series and the Taney Dragons declared victory 7-6. Davis is expected to reclaim her spot on the pitcher’s mound Wednesday against Las Vegas.

Mo'ne Davis On Being A Role Model

Davis earned praise even before reaching the Little League World Series, and the Taney Dragons are the first Philadelphia team to ever make it to the national tournament. However, the player currently revolutionizing the term “throw like a girl” insists that she doesn’t care for the attention.

“I don’t really like all the attention, because it just feels like everything is about me, and they don’t see the whole picture of my teammates, and without my teammates I don’t think we would be here right now,” Davis told Karl Ravech in an interview with ESPN.

“It’s not just about me, like I can’t fill all nine positions at bat all nine times, so you just have to see the whole reason why we’re here is because we work well together and we work as a team,” Davis told CBS News.

As for being a trailblazer and role model to young girls, Davis takes it all in stride, but pointed out that she hopes to be the first of many. “The attention should not just be on one girl; more girls should join boys’ teams so it is a tradition and it won’t be so special,” she told the Philadelphia Daily News.

Mo'ne Davis Dreams Of Making It To The WNBA

And while Davis’ talent has led some to hope she could break the gender barrier in the MLB, Davis says her dream is to play basketball for UConn and make it to the WNBA.

“[I want] to go as far as I can. Baseball might be my favorite sport, or soccer might be my favorite sport, you never know. I want to go to UConn and be the point guard on the basketball team. That’s my dream, and go onto the WNBA,” Davis told ESPN.

Davis, who was spotted wearing a UConn hoodie at a game, could be on her way there. UConn’s guard Bria Hartley exchanged a few tweets with Davis, saying she wishes they could meet.

Mo'ne Davis' Famous Fans

Davis has also received shoutouts from celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, Matt Kemp, Lil Wayne and First Lady Michelle Obama.

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