Jeremiah Green, the drummer of the legendary rock band Modest Mouse, has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 45. The announcement first came from his mother, Carol Namatame, who shared the diagnosis on Facebook, saying Green was “hanging in there.”

The band’s lead singer, Isaac Brock, posted to the Modest Mouse official Instagram page Tuesday night to share updates about Green’s condition.


“Jeremiah was diagnosed with cancer a short while ago, and he’s currently in treatment,” Brock wrote. “It seems to be going smoothly and making a positive difference.”

Green’s brother, Adam Green, told Fox News that he “is doing great considering the circumstances.”

“He played a lot of shows with the cancer but the doctor gave him the green light to play all the way up to the last West Coast date,” he said. “His goal is to be back on tour this spring in South America. He has about 4 weeks of chemo and radiation left.”

Modest Mouse is scheduled for a tour of South America and Mexico in March. The band has been celebrating the 25th anniversary of its album The Lonesome Crowded West.

Green co-founded the Grammy-nominated band in 1992 and has been its drummer for almost three decades. He was last seen performing with the band on December 1 in Los Angeles.

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