Modern Family fans said goodbye to their favorite characters during the heartwarming series finale Wednesday night.

“The guiding principle for me at least was that a good ending is really a good beginning,” Christopher Lloyd, one of the show’s writers, said about the finale. “And we should be sending all of these characters off to do lives that the audience will be happy imagining them on the new journeys.”


In the two back-to-back 30-minute finale episodes, the three families all go their separate ways. In the Prichett household, a party is being thrown to celebrate their new house and new baby, when Cam gets a call to move to Missouri for a coaching job he originally lost out on. Mitch agrees to the move, and the couple spends the finale saying goodbye to the rest of clan. Each time they try to say goodbye and leave, they receive another alert that their flight has been delayed, so they wind up saying goodbye again and again.

In the Dunphy household, it’s revealed that Luke has gotten into an Oregon college, Alex has a new job in Switzerland, and Haley is moving out with Dylan. The final twist: Haley and Dylan are moving into the Prichett’s old house! So, with their kids gone, Phil and Claire decide to go on a RV trip across America.

Jay and Gloria decide they will spend the summer in Colombia, so they are leaving too.

The finale ends with the characters in a big group hug, which viewers said felt quite foreign in this time of social distancing. Writers Lloyd and Steven Levitan both told the New York Times that they realized that the scene would sit differently with audiences now. The scene was filmed on February 21, a month before California went on lock down.

“The most glaring thing is that giant group hug. That’s not something you see in real life these days, so it feels like we shot that 20 years ago,” Levitan said. “I love the idea that during this dark time in the world’s history, hopefully our finale can provide people with a little respite.”

The writers have also said that, for now, the possibility of a spinoff series following Cam and Mitch is just a thought.

“I think that there are a couple of writers who are thinking about well, is there a Mitch and Cam spinoff, but they’re literally just thinking about it,” Levitan told Deadline.

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