Clare Dunphy (Julie Bowen) seems to be winning mother of the year for her almost impossible ways of multitasking CEO and Mom.

‘Modern Family’ Season 7 Episode 15 Recap

Her husband, Phil (Ty Burrell), blames his mistakes on his busy work schedule but soon realizes how ridiculous he looks when she’s the one running an entire company.

Jay (Ed O’Neill) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) can’t get their youngest son, Joe, to sleep at night. She plans on taking him to a play date so it’ll tire him out.


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Gloria and Jay inevitably run into each other when they try so hard to avoid each other. She ends up canceling the play date since Joe fell asleep in the car, which Jay hates. Jay canceled his golfing since he was tired and chose to feed the dog some of Gloria’s hand-cooked food that takes her days to prepare.

Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) go to a wedding planned by their friend, Pepper Saltzman (Nathan Lane). They’re confused why they weren’t invited to the past two gay weddings and think they might be on a “gay wedding blacklist.”

Mitch and Cam find out that Lily has been denying their RSVPs. She’s not only sick of attending all the weddings but she’s embarrassed of her dads’ dancing skills.

Clare finds out that she can easily get all the errands done with help from an assistant at work, Ben. Her kids assume she is the one doing them, instead it’s her assistant.

Luke (Nolan Gould) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) skip class to go home. Luke messes around and shows porn to Manny but when he tries to exit out, the screen freezes. They get into the car to take it to the computer shop oblivious that Joe is in the backseat sleeping.

When Luke and Manny get to the shop, they see Luke’s old babysitter and quickly turn around towards the exit. Luckily, Alex (Ariel Winter) is able to fix the computer for the boys before Gloria finds out.

Phil attempts to do errands for the kids during his open house. After running around, Phil has no idea how Clare is getting everything done perfectly.

Clare confronts Ben to let him know he needs to dial it back. He’s overdoing himself even hand-churning ice cream for the kids besides the other impossible errands and fancy sandwiches.

Phil does some detective work to see how Clare is really running all these errands and still going to her meetings. He quickly finds out that she’s not the one doing them.

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