According to Miami authorities, Jeff Thomas was found dead at his high-rise apartment complex on March 8. Witnesses claim he jumped from a balcony, but officials haven’t officially informed the public of the cause of death.

While initial reports were that the death was a suicide, his agent said on Friday that Thomas was taking selfie when he fell and that the death was accidental.

Thomas was a model and influencer, having more than 120,000 followers on Instagram where he frequently uploaded pictures of himself and several A-list celebrity acquaintances.


Three days before his death, Thomas posted a picture of him and his grandma and his French bulldog, whom he loved like his own kid.

The caption read, “Surprising my very special #1 Grandma after her two-week cruise from California to Florida with her best friend, Beverly. Her dear friend decided to take my beloved Grandma on the cruise after originally planning to go with her recent husband who passed away during the pandemic. It was a process to do it all after finagling my hectic work day/week, the start to my EMT classes, getting a flat tire, moving into my new home and my transition moving from Los Angeles to Miami. However, somehow I make it work for those that I love, deserve it and appreciate those efforts since they do the same for me.”

In his last post, two days before his death, Thomas posted a black-and-white picture of the tattoo on his forearm, ‘Resilience’ written in cursive. He simply captioned it, “New Ink #Resilience.”

Fans flooded Thomas’ comment section to express their love and grief over the news of his loss.

His modeling agent, Gerald Frankowski, commented, “It was a pleasure to have been your agent. You did everything you needed to do to succeed in the biz. Frustrating at times but I knew your goals and your passion to get there. More important was the friendship we developed afterward. Your heart was always in the right place. RIP #DIT.”

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