A jury on Monday was split on a charge against mixed martial arts fighter War Machine.


The fighter was found guilty on 29 of 34 charges, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and kidnapping, after beating his ex-girlfriend and porn star Christy Mack and her friend Corey Thomas in 2014. The jury was split on the decision of whether to charge War Machine with attempted murder.

The fighter, who changed his name from Jonathan Koppenhaver, did not appear in court, but admitted he assaulted the pair after storming into Mack’s home and finding them in bed. War Machine’s lawyer Jay Leiderman cited brain injuries from fighting a cocktail of drugs, from Adderall to steroids, can make “someone lose their mind.”

Prosecutors say, however, that there is no proof that War Machine was acting under the influence of any drugs on the night of the attack. After pummeling Thomas, the fighter beat up Mack for two hours before she could get away, with her injuries resulting in a broken eye socket, missing teeth, a fractured rib, and a ruptured liver.

“I just remember being right in front of the shower like I was about to stand up and he kicked me in the ribs so hard that I fell over,” Mack recalled. “He [looked] at me and says, ‘now I have to kill you, I’ve gone too far. You can’t be seen like this. Everyone’s gonna know.'”

War Machine will remain in custody until his sentencing. He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole despite the jury’s indecision.

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