Saturday Night Live has always relied on political figures to provide a good deal of its spoofing material, and almost-presidential Republican candidate Mitt Romney is no exception. During the Republican primaries, comedian and SNL mainstay (but maybe not for much longer?) Jason Sudeikis has taken the reins poking fun of Romney as a mediocre and tepid candidate.

But now Romney might get a chance to make fun of both himself and Sudeikis's impression of him, if he accepts Saturday Night Live's Lorne Michaels' invitation to host SNL. Michaels has reportedly offered an SNL hosting gig to the presumptive Republican candidate Romney, according to New York Magazine, and reports suggest that Romney is considering taking the gig. SNL famously pokes fun of Romney for being out-of-touch with the American public, and what better way to show that he's just a cool, average guy?

If Romney accepts, he will be the first almost-presidential candidate to host SNL since 1996, when Steve Forbes took the stage while running in the Republican primaries. Of course, SNL is a hotspot for cameos by politicians. Since 2000, all presidential candidates have briefly appeared on the show.

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