Misty Upham, who played the reclusive caretaker in August: Osage County, was found dead on Thursday in Seattle, Wash. She was 32.

Misty Upham Found Dead

Upham had been missing since Oct. 6 when she was found in a ravine by her uncle Robert Upham, who discovered her with two other individuals who were helping out in a search party, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Upham’s father Charles Upham confirmed her identity to the authorities.

"The family wants everyone to know that the Auburn police did not help with this situation at all. They refused to help,” Tracy Rector, a friend of Upham’s told THR. “When she disappeared on Oct. 5, the family knew something was seriously wrong — it was out of character for her to be gone so long without being in touch — and they repeatedly went to the police, who insisted there was no cause for concern.”

“The family has stated that, after seeing the body, they still do not feel that Misty Upham committed suicide,” Rector added to the BBC.

Juliette Lewis On Upham’s Death

Upham’s family members are not the only ones suspicious about her death, refuting early suggestings that her battle with bipolar disorder may have led her to suicide. Juliette Lewis, who starred alongside the Native American actress in August: Osage County, believes that it’s more than likely that Upham was murdered. “Misty spoke out a lot against injustices within Native community,” Lewis wrote. “And had known enemies. Police must do an investigation."

Meryl Streep, who also starred alongside Upham in August, also shared her sadness in learning of young actress' death. "So, so sad to hear this news — all our thoughts are with her family and with her beautiful spirit," Streep told THR.

Police Commander Steve Stocker has stated that as of yet there is no reason "to believe there is foul play." On Friday, the King County Coroner's Office will address the media about Upham’s death.

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