In Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF team join CIA assassin August Walker (Henry Cavill) to help save the world from experiencing nuclear destruction. A group of terrorists known as the Apostles are planning to use plutonium cores to bomb the Vatican and Mecca. However, the weapons go missing, so it’s up to Ethan and his team to find them before they fall into the wrong hands.

The movie was released on July 27 and so far has scored an impressive 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. It was written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Critics seemed to love the action thriller, some calling it the best of the summer.


“If there’s a politics to this movie, I couldn’t catch my breath long enough to figure it out. The terrorists are the bad guys, enemies of the “world order.” There’s something almost comforting about that lazy device. This isn’t the Cold War or a clash of civilizations. It’s a good guys-versus-bad guys punch-up. That’s not the way our world is threatened now: American foreign policy is a mess, and all the old geopolitical narratives are scattering into a chaos of late night tweets from the president. It feels good for things to make sense for an hour or two, to step out of the hot garbage summer into a cool, dark space that reminds us of 1996. It feels good to watch the world get saved, the old-fashioned way.”

– Josephine LivingstoneThe New Republic

“This most intimate of the film’s many set pieces shows us in miniature what the Mission series possesses that others do not. There’s world-class fight choreography, sure, and topnotch physical performances from Cruise and Cavill and, in that epic bathroom dust-up, Liang Yang.

“But, between them, there are rests. There are changes in tempo. There are opportunities for the audience to catch its breath before the action resumes. McQuarrie never forgets the stakes.

“Mission: Impossible has become the blue-chip action franchise of the 21st century. Choose to accept it.”

– Chris KlimekNPR

“Fallout’s success, you have to feel, is inextricably tied to Cruise’s inexhaustible drive to please, to the point where it’s even reflected onscreen in a storyline about how Ethan had to sacrifice a chance at love and normalcy because the world needed him out there on the front lines, saving the day by fighting a motorcycle duel or something. There’s no reason to believe the actual world would stop spinning without Cruise in it, but there’s something peculiarly endearing about his insistence that it might, and that everything he’s doing is on our behalf. When he earnestly vows ‘I won’t let you down’ to another character in the movie, it feels like he’s stopped just short of turning to the camera and saying the line to the audience, promising to always be there for us. And then he sets off running, as fast as he can — as if, if he just tried hard enough, he could outrun death itself.”

– Alison WillmoreBuzzfeed News

“In addition to Nespresso-nukes there’s some other ridiculous tech. No rubber mask could ever look as good as they do in the Mission: Impossible movies, and those voice changer band-aids on the larynx just don’t make sense. And how does a tiny bud buried deep in someone’s ear canal pick up someone’s voice? These guys can shout “Watch your six!” while dodging bullets and sound crystal clear.

“It’s annoying — at first. And then, you remember, it’s a movie. And then you realize, it’s actually the best mainstream movie of the summer.”

– Jordan HoffmanThrillist

“In the traffic explosions and car crashes, with the star behind the wheel, there is never so much as a stripped gear or a flat tire, and every tap on the shoulder with a briefcase sounds like a building collapse. From a dozen chases and pileups that wreak carnage on Belfast, Berlin, London and the boulevards of Paris, to a smallpox epidemic in the snowy mountains of Kashmir, Mission : Impossible—Fallout knocks itself out to keep you awake and entertained. The result is a film that won’t make a dent in cinema history but, with an ebullient gusto, it is impossible to resist.”

– Rex ReedObserver 

Watch the trailer below: