Kayla Montgomery, the step-mother of missing child Harmony Montgomery, had one welfare fraud charge against her dropped and then replaced with three charges including theft, according to court reports released Tuesday.

The charge was updated due to new information the prosecution received about the benefits provided by the state Department of Health and Human Services to Kayla Montgomery, which she allegedly obtained in Harmony’s name.

She was initially charged on suspicion of obtaining $1,500 in food stamps while Harmony was not living with Kayla or Adam Montgomery, Harmony’s father. While that charge was dropped, the theft charge still alleges she took benefits under Harmony’s name.

Kayla Montgomery is slated to be formally charged in an arraignment on Thursday. Montgomery’s bail has been set at $5,000.

Kayla told police she last saw Harmony in December 2019, and she believed that Harmony had been driven to Massachusetts by Adam to go live with her mom. She also said that she hasn’t seen Adam since October of last year.

Testimony by Kayla and Adam Montgomery’s uncle Kevin led to Adam’s arrest last week. He has been charged with several misdemeanors and pleaded not guilty.

Anyone with knowledge that would assist in locating Harmony is encouraged to call 603-203-6060. Manchester police have also increased their reward for information that finds Harmony to $94,000.

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