Joanlia Lising competed in the Miss Philippines USA Contest and may have had a chance at the crown if she’d given a more coherent response during the Q&A round.

When it was Lising’s turn to answer a question, she was asked, “Among the five senses, what do you prefer to have if you could only have one? And why?" A poised Lising started her response by graciously saying, “Thank you for that wonderful question,” before getting into the meat of her answer.

"If I have to pick out of five senses, I would pick seeing. Because seeing is the best sense that we can ever see, because seeing is believing,” she said. “And believing in what you see is perfect. And, uh, out of all those senses, seeing… would… really… be wonderful, because… Thank you. That will be it."

Acknowledging that her answer fell short of being intelligible, Lising said nerves were to blame for the disaster to KTLA. “That was my first time to be up there in front of thousands of people and I was really scared,” she said. “I was really nervous.” She added that following her moment on the spot she thought to herself, “Oh, wait, what did I do.”

While it was an embarrassing moment for Lising, it wasn’t without its rewards. Because of the incident, “I’m being put out there,” admitted Lising. “Opportunities are coming.” And though she’s studying to be a registered nurse, Lising won’t be shy about leveraging her viral celebrity into a career in show business.

“If opportunities are there for me, I’m pretty sure I can grab them,” says Lising.

– Chelsea Regan

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