María José Alvarado Muñoz, the current Miss. Honduras, has been missing since late last week, according to police. Both the 19-year-old Muñoz and her sister Sofia Trinidad were last seen leaving a friend’s birthday party in Santa Bárbara Thursday night. Pageant director Eduardo Zablah said the two were last seen getting into a vehicle together after leaving the party.

Honduran police have arrested four people—including the owner of the party’s venue and Trinidad’s boyfriend—though it is unclear exactly why or if charges are being filed. The police have merely said that they are being “investigated.”

Alvarado was scheduled to fly to London next week to compete in the Miss World competition; the finals are on Dec. 14. The pageant’s website describes Muñoz in cheerful terms: “María José is a student living in Santa Bárbara, Honduras. Describing herself as “dedicated”, Maria has aspirations of a career in government, specifically as a diplomat for her country. In her spare time, she enjoys playing sports, including volleyball and football, and she enjoys performing the Punta Dance, a Garifuna music and dance style performed at celebrations and festivities. Aside from traditional Honduran music, María José also enjoys traditional Honduran gastronomy.”

Alvarado’s family only realized she was missing on Saturday and contacted the police.

“Open your hearts and understand my pain,” her mother pleaded in the Telegraph. “There is an all-powerful God that sees everything, and I hope you set them free.”

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