Maybe it's because she's a wife (to Orlando Bloom), a mom (to Flynn, 14 months old) and a proud pet owner (see photo), but Miranda Kerr has plenty to care about on this earth, so she intends to keep it clean and safe. That's why the Australian model was recently named an Earth Hour global ambassador and has promised to teach a yoga class to 500 fans if they get involved with the campaign.

"Exciting news! I am a Global Ambassador for Earth Hour 2012 and I will be hosting a yoga class," Kerr tweeted Wednesday. ''I hope my first challenge inspires my friends, family and fans to make their own promise for the environment," she said, adding that she is doing her part to shrink her carbon footprint: ''This year I've made the commitment to reduce my footprint by offsetting all of my travel. If we all adopt simple practices like recycling, switching to energy efficient lighting or paperless banking then we can make a difference together.''


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    Does Ms. Kerr have any problems?

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