Norman Reedus and Helena Christensen‘s son, Mingus Reedus, has taken a plea after he was accused of hitting a woman.

Reedus appeared in a Manhattan court Wednesday and pled guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. He was sentenced to a conditional discharge and will have to attend five private counseling sessions.

This was due to an incident back in September 2021, where the model was walking with his girlfriend and his friends at a street festival in Little Italy when a group of girls approached them.

“We didn’t think anything of it, but these five girls followed us for two blocks, throwing food at us and yelling,” Reedus told the New York Daily News. “We told them to leave us alone, but they kept following, threatening to hurt my girlfriend and her friend. It was very apparent that these girls were under the influence and looking for a fight.”

He said that the group kept assaulting him, in the chaos of the moment he accidentally hit one of the women, injuring her below her left eye.

“It was instinct,” he explained. “I was reacting to them swarming me and was afraid for the safety of my group.”

“Ten seconds later the police got involved,” Reedus continued. “Police saw one of the girls hurt and refused to listen to the context. My intention for that day was to mind my own business and play fair games.”

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