Minecraft teamed up with Microsoft to present an entirely new way of playing the popular video game at Microsoft’s E3 presentation on Monday, June 15.

Minecraft HoloLens Debut At Microsoft E3 2015

Minecraft took center stage at Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference on Monday when the tech company displayed their new HoloLens technology. Using a HoloLens headset from Microsoft, players can play a 3-D virtual reality version of Minecraft.

Players can, essentially, create a screen to play Minecraft on with the HoloLens and even transport the game onto a table or any other flat surface in their home. Moreover, players can control the game and their view of the game world using voice commands and hand motions. “You will navigate and manipulate the Minecraft world with gestures and voice, and spatial mapping will enable a more dynamic playspace when your room and its physical objects become part of the game,” reads the official description.

The impressive demonstration stunned the crowd, and Minecraft left the panel promising even more big announcements to come during MineCon 2015, on July 4-5 in London. The Microsoft HoloLens is not yet available for purchase, and it’s unclear when exactly players will be able to get their hands on a Minecraft HoloLens game.

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