Mindy Kaling has announced that the rom-com TV series The Mindy Project will be ending after its sixth season. The sixth and final season will return to Hulu this year, five years after first premiering on Fox in 2012. Impressively, it’s been the only surviving sitcom from that fall.

Mindy Kaling Announces “The Mindy Project”‘s Sixth and Last Season

Kaling, who is the show’s creator, star, narrator, writer, namesake and executive producer, confirmed the news herself on Twitter. The announcement reads: “It’s true! Our 6th season will be our last but it’ll be lit AF. Save your sour straws, bear claws and chicken wings for Sept #TheMindyProject.”

Kaling’s show, which posted its season five finale on Tuesday, has faced cancellation issues in the past. In May 2015, Fox canceled the show after its third season. Thankfully, within two weeks, Hulu announced it would pick up the series. The streaming giant produced the fourth and fifth seasons of the show, and will produce the upcoming last season.

Kaling said that she was looking forward to wrapping up a series in its entirety, something she had not been able to do with The Office. She had not only portrayed chatty customer service representative Kelly Kapoor on The Office, but was also a writer and producer on the sitcom. However, she didn’t see it to completion; she had to leave to work on The Mindy Project before it began its ninth season.

“I think [The Mindy Project is] working toward a finite ending,” Kaling told Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve only done these series that last for a really long time, and I’ve been on two shows that have gone over 100 episodes, and in the middle of it, you approach the material very differently than you do at the beginning, and now, I get this gift. I wasn’t on The Office the last season as a writer—I was starting this show—so now I have this gift of, I get to finish a series! And it’s really fun! I finally get to do that.”

The multi-talented star also jokingly explained part of the reason for the series’ termination. “At a certain point it was like, I think she’s dated every man in Manhattan. Sex and the City lasted for, what, six seasons with 10 episodes each? I don’t know that there’s been a show about a woman trying to find love in New York City that has lasted quite this long. And frankly, there’s no more actors in Hollywood left to date,” Kaling quipped.

Craig Erwich, Hulu’s head of content, issued a statement about the show’s upcoming conclusion:  “It has been an honor and a joy to work with Mindy and the entire creative team behind The Mindy Project. This series has been part of Hulu since we launched the service and, thanks to Mindy’s incredibly unique voice and vision, has remained one of our most popular and beloved series over the past five years. While we can’t wait to see what Mindy has in store for what will undoubtedly be a fantastic sixth and final season, we know The Mindy Project will live on as fans will continue to watch, discover and re-live all of the best moments from the complete series on Hulu.”

The TV series’ last season will premiere on the streaming site this September.

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