Milo Ventimiglia‘s character Jack Pearson died on hit show This Is Us, but the actor wants fans to focus on Jack’s life rather than his untimely death.


Fans were shocked when Jack died on the show and want answers. “The one thing you do know is Jack is dead and everybody’s fascinated with knowing how, when and why,” Ventimiglia said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “The thing that I keep…talking about to people is, worry about how he’s living. Why he’s living. Those are the moments. Don’t focus on death, you want to focus on his life.”

“This is your way of telling people you’re not going to learn anything tomorrow night?” Jimmy Kimmel asked during the interview portion of his show.

“You may, you may. I have no idea,” replied Ventimiglia. “Actually, I do have an idea.”

After only one season, This Is Us has already been renewed for a second and third. In episode “Moonshadow,” Jack is seen drunk driving. But co-star Mandy Moore says there will be more to the Pearson part of the show, calling the death a “monumental event for the family.”

“Pain, grief,” Moore said when asked to describe the finale’s mood. “I think the show is ultimately hopeful, and I feel like it leaves on that note as well, in the finale.” The This Is Us season finale airs tonight, March 14, at 9 pm on NBC.

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