Miley Cyrus performed her new single “Malibu” at the Billboard Music Awards last night.


The single is a touching tribute to her fiance Liam Hemsworth, and the style is quite different from what we’ve gotten from Cyrus in recent years. A pop love ballad, “Malibu” shows off Cyrus’ singing chops instead of bad girl image, and the music video is even sweeter. Cyrus walks on the beach with colorful balloons, or dances in the grass, wearing all white.

“I never would’ve believed you / If three years ago you told me / I’d be here writing this song,” she says in the refrain. “But here I am / Next to you / The sky’s so blue / In Malibu / Next to you,” goes the catchy chorus.

The singer debuted the single at the Billboard Music Awards, and she even cried at the end of her performance. “Malibu” was released on May 11, and will be featured as part of her sixth studio album due out in October.

Past rival Nicki Minaj sat in the crowd and joked around and laughed during Cyrus’ performance, but the singer didn’t seem to hear or care. “I’m so excited for Miley. I’m literally so proud of her,” said her sister Noah Cyrus. “My mom is here, my dad is here, my sister, Brandi, is here. Like, it’s just such an exciting night, and I’m getting all emotional for Miley, because I’m really happy for her.”

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