Miley Cyrus continues her mission to shock and awe with her latest show, The Milky Milky Milk Tour, enlisting the services of Pamela Anderson to entertain her audience and help save the whales no less.

Miley Cyrus Enlists Pamela Anderson To Help Save The Whales

The setlist had primarily given focus to Cyrus’ latest LP, the experimental, Flaming Lips-assisted Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, but at her show in L.A. over the weekend Cyrus opted to whip out an old favorite, “We Can’t Stop,” at which point the former Playboy bombshell took to the stage.

It seems an odd cameo choice but the two do share a penchant for animal rights, as well as a passion for sensational behavior. Cyrus dressed as a rainbow unicorn while Pammy strutted her stuff in short shorts and a string top, brandishing a “Save The Whales” placard.

The Milky Milky Milk Tour has officially come to a close, giving Miley more time to keep us up to date on her ever-crazier Instagram shenanigans.

Here’s a delightful pic she shared of herself dressed as a turd.

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