Miley Cyrus took to the American Music Awards stage on Sunday to perform her emotional ballad “Wrecking Ball,” which she turned into a duet with an animatronic cat.

Miley Cyrus Duets With Lip-Synching Cat On Wrecking Ball

As Cyrus belted out the powerful lyrics of "Wrecking Ball" in what was arguably one of her best vocal performances, an orange cat lip-synced along on the screen behind her. When Cyrus got to the heart of the song, the feline shed tears.

Cyrus also paid homage to cats, who share with her the novelty of being an Internet sensation, in her attire. Her latest revealing custom made skintight two-piece ensemble featured their likeness in the design. Cyrus completed her look with clear plastic bangles and matching geometric earrings.

After Cyrus completed her final lines, the cat in the background had one eye closed and it’s tongue hanging out, mimicking Cyrus’ signature tongue-out wink. The singer tweeted a picture of herself making the exact same face following her performance.