Miles Teller was deemed a hero after allegedly saving a pregnant woman from a riptide off the coast of Miami, Florida, but it might have been the other way around.

Miles Teller Appears To Help Pregnant Woman Escape Riptide

Teller was enjoying the beach with his longtime girlfriend, Keleigh Sperry, when the incident occurred. Early reports stated that Sperry and Teller were frolicking in the ocean when they were approached by a pregnant woman swimming with her toddler who was screaming for help. “Without hesitation the two darted into action and tag-teamed a rescue effort that saved the woman’s life,” TMZ reported on Monday.

Teller was hailed a hero by the press, fitting considering he is gearing up for the release of Fantastic Four, in which he plays Mr. Fantastic. However, after seeing the headlines Sperry took to Instagram to give her version of events, revealing they didn’t save the woman from a rip tide at all.

“She came up to us freaking out telling us to not freak out, but it was a shark. And the scariest moment ever,” Sperry wrote.

Regardless, based on the photos, it seems Teller was a gentleman who helped the woman safely onto the beach, and was able to return to his girlfriend safe and sound.

Best anniversary with my best friend.

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