Mila Kunis joined Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen couch on Friday, and shared intimate details about her sex life and desire to have another baby.

Mila Kunis Speaks About Sex Life on ‘Ellen’

Kunis and Kristen Bell appeared on Ellen to talk about their new film Bad Moms and DeGeneres couldn’t help but ask the actresses if they wanted more children.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Kunis answered.

Kunis and husband Ashton Kutcher first welcomed their daughter Wyatt back in 2014.

“Are you trying?” DeGeneres questioned.

“Like am I having sex, Ellen?” Kunis replied.

“Yeah, are you having sex? That’s my question. I want to know how often you’re having sex,” DeGeneres joked, as the audience laughed.

“Yes,” Kunis said, giggling and blushing from embarrassment.

In an effort to stop DeGeneres from making her more embarrassed, Kunis told Bell to say something to distract the host.

“How’s the sex?” Bell asked.

Kunis broke into a fit of laughter, as DeGeneres remarked that she imagines the sex is good.

“Yeah, it’s great,” Kunis admitted quietly.



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