Mike Tyson repeatedly punched a passenger in the row of seats behind him on a Wednesday night flight. The former boxer has claimed the man and a friend were harassing him.

Police said that Tyson was indeed involved and the man, later revealed to be named Melvin Townsend III, sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Upon treatment, Townsend, “provided minimal details of the incident and refused to cooperate further with the investigation.”

The incident occurred before takeoff on a JetBlue flight heading from San Francisco to Florida, and several videos have since been released showing moments of the altercation. Tyson was initially cool with the passenger, who sources claimed was very drunk, and even took a selfie with him before the man seemingly continued to badger him to a breaking point.

A video recorded by a friend of Townsend’s showed him leaning over his seat and talking to Tyson, who seemed annoyed at the least. In another video, his friend is heard saying, “He’s over here rapping with [Mike] Tyson … he don’t know how to act.” Other footage shows Tyson throwing several punches at Townsend who is out of view as another passenger tries to hold him back.

Tyson’s reps also released a statement claiming that Townsend “threw a water bottle at him while he was in his seat,” and witnesses said Tyson was heard asking Townsend to “chill,” with little response before punching him.

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