Foot Locker's 2013 “Week of Greatness” commercial features a repentant Mike Tyson, an emigrating Dennis Rodman and a nonindulgent Brett Favre.

Mike Tyson Returns Ear To Evander Holyfield

The spot begins with Cavaliers baller Kyrie Irving discussing the “week of greatness” and how “it feels like all is right with the world.” It then cuts to a slump-shouldered and apologetic Tyson ringing the doorbell at Evander Holyfield’s mansion, and handing his 1997 title fight opponent a small box. “It’s your ear,” he says, adding, “I kept that in formaldehyde.” The two then proceed to hug it out.

Dennis Rodman Buys One-Way Ticket

At an airport, Rodman, who has been in the headlines repeatedly for his comments about North Korea and his relationship with Kim Jong Un, purchases a one-way ticket to the Asian country. The ecstatic airport employee shouts, “He’s never coming back!” much to the delight of those in line behind the former Chicago Bulls player.

Brett Favre Says 'No More'

Meanwhile, Favre sits down to a solo meal at a diner. When the waitress comes over and notices he didn’t finish his pie, he deadpans, “A man’s gotta know when to walk a way,” a reference to his waffling on retirement from the NFL.

– Chelsea Regan

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