Mike O’Hearn, the heavily muscled bodybuilder and fitness model, is reportedly in talks to join the cast of the forthcoming He-Man Masters of the Universe film.

Mike O’Hearn In ‘He-Man’

O’Hearn took to Instagram earlier this week to post about getting in shape for He-Man, sparking rumors that he’d been cast in the superhero role. “My Goal: Take off 30 pounds of lean muscle and get a whole new physique so I’ll be ready to get the movie #HeMan!!” O’Hearn captioned a shirtless picture of himself.

A day after the post went up, multiple news sites started to report that O’Hearn had already been cast in the movie. However, O’Hearn clarified on Instagram that he’s currently fighting for the lead role in He-Man. “I want to thank all the supporters for sending good vibes in hopes I get the role of He-Man,” he wrote. “I am working hard everyday so when the opportunity presents itself, I’ll be ready. It’s pretty exciting that Hollywood is talking or has my name on their lips when it comes to this role. The support from the fans is incredibly helpful and really adds confidence to my belief that I’m the right man for it.”

O’Hearn went on to reveal that he’s been up for major action roles in the past that he’s lost to other actors – but that he’s doing everything he can to make this part happen. “I’ve been close to large rolls before like Superman and the follow up to The Scorpion King. Hollywood has talked about me in the past for other superhero roles such as Captain America long before Chris Evans booked it,” O’Hearn wrote. “More than just having the look of he-man, I need to stay in class and keep working with the theatrics…. All I can do is keep working to make sure that I am prepared to book this role and do an amazing job!”

While O’Hearn is likely best known for being a four time Mr. Universe, he’s also long dabbled in acting. His credits include Days of Our Lives, Knight Rider, Workaholics and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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