Mike Huckabee, in his new book God, Guns, Grits and Gravy, takes aim at Beyoncé and the Obamas’ relationship with the singer. Since the excerpt from the book was leaked last week, Huckabee has done nothing but dig his heels into his convictions about the matter.

Mike Hucakbee On Beyonce, Obamas

In God, Guns, Grits and Gravy, Huckabee writes of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s performance of “Drunk in Love” at the Grammys last year, “My reaction: Why? Beyonce is incredibly talented — gifted, in fact. She has an exceptional set of pipes and can actually sing. She is a terrific dancer –- without the explicit moves best left for the privacy of her bedroom,” adding, “Jay Z is a very shrewd businessman, but I wonder: Does it occur to him that he is arguably crossing the line from husband to pimp by exploiting his wife as a sex object?”

Huckabee doesn’t understand how President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama can find it appropriate to permit 16-year-old Malia and 13-year-old Sasha to listen to Beyoncé’s music and attend her concerts.

“I don’t understand how, on one hand, they can be such doting parents and so careful about the intake of everything – how much broccoli they eat and where they go to school and making sure they’re kind of sheltered and shielded from so many things – and yet they don’t see anything that might not be suitable for either a preteen or a teen in some of the lyrical content and choreography of Beyoncé, who has sort of a regular key to the door [of the White House],” Huckabee told People magazine.

Michelle Obama’s office has declined to comment on Huckabee’s statements. However, in the past, the president has admitted that he and the First Lady don’t try to censor the music that Sasha and Malia listen to.

“You know, we actually don’t constrain what she listens to. We expect her to show some good judgment,” Obama told Glamour magazine, speaking of his eldest daughter. “We actually share tastes in hip-hop and rap music but we don’t listen to it together, because some of the language in there would embarrass me—at least while I’m listening to it with her. Folks like Jay-Z, Nas, we both like them, but when it comes on and I’m sitting with her and Sasha, then I fast-forward because it would make me blush.”

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