Eagle-eyed fans of the group Migos have noticed something strange online, one of its members Offset has seemingly unfollowed his fellow bandmates Takeoff and Quavo from the hugely-popular group on Instagram.

A Twitter account focused on hip-hop leaks posted screenshots confirming that both Offset and his wife Cardi B have unfollowed the other Migos on the platform. Adding another wrinkle to this drama, Takeoff and Quavo have recently released their first single as a duo, Unc & Phew.

Quavo dodged questions about the group’s fate when questioned by their photographer at LAX yesterday. Some fans have speculated that the move is a stunt to boost eyes on this new single, but it hasn’t been confirmed either way as of yet.

Migos have not put out any new material since the final installment in their Culture trilogy, Culture III dropped in June 2021. The group grew up together and are family members, Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle and Offset is Quavo’s cousin. Their 2013 breakout single “Versace” was massive and has had an undeniable legacy of influencing the direction of popular rap music.

Here is the official video for Unc & Phew’s debut single, “Hotel Lobby.”

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